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Acer AnyWare 1100LX

Acer AnyWare 1100LX

Speed20 MHz
Memory5 MB
Hard Drive30  MB

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Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Acer
Donated By: Eleanor & Bill Bradley
This 386 SX portable unit has an interesting detachable keyboard. It looks like it should be integrated but it actually comes out. We don't know much else about this machine, so if you do - please let us know!

User Comments
KL on Saturday, April 29, 2017
I just picked up one of these machines used. The hard drive is a standard early era IDE drive. Although originally, it came with a 40 mb hard drive. The problem with these machines is that they used a Dallas 1287 Real-time clock with built in battery. The CMOS will report errors and not keep the hard drive information so that when the battery dies, you can only boot from the floppy disk. Even worse, the dallas 1287 chip is soldered onto the motherboard. The fix is to do some dremel grinding and sanding/soldering to get a new battery connected (there are lots of write ups on the internet). This machine is a tank though. Heavy, solidly built with good features for the time period. Unfortunately, there is no real expandability to the modern age. Max ram is 5mb. Screen is ok, but LCD tech. One nice thing is that it will support a modern vga monitor as an output choice
Luke on Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Hello All! I recently acquired an Acer AnyWhere 1100LX, BIOS: 386SX V1.2R7. I am trying to find system software for the machine. The BIOS runs, and but can not find the OS: Insert system diskette and press <enter> key to reboot. Any help would be most appreciated. on Monday, July 9, 2012
I have one of these i just got at an auction. It won't boot but it does power on. contact me if anyone is interested in it. It has the carrying case, mouse and power supply
Anonymous on Monday, July 9, 2012
First laptop I ever had. Bought it in Jr High (8 years after it was built), and used it for about four years for word processing. Last I knew it was in my father's garage, he may have thrown it out.
Matthieu on Tuesday, June 19, 2012
It was my first computer. It is the one which I used for years, doing all sort of things, even drawing a printed circuit board ! I was a student at that time and bought it at an incredible price for that years. Everybody was jealous on me : imagine a student carrying a laptop at that time ! Sometimes the flat cable between the main unit failed, I had to insert a knife (!!) into the hinge to get it working. I replaced it at least 5 times. I remember I was using stacker to "double" my hard disk space :-) This was more a transportable that portable computer. Once I was going to school passing by a field with horses. That day they were particularly hungry and interested by the gigantic carrying bag I had in my hand :-) Believe it or not, the horse went away with it carrying it in his mouth ! I kept it with me for more than ten years in the cellar then decided that it was time to make room. Since my iPhone I never over a computer that much.
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