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Apple Power Macintosh 5260/100

Apple Power Macintosh 5260/100

Speed100 MHz
Memory8 MB
Hard Drive800  MB

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Release Date: 3/10/1996
Manufacturer: Apple
Donated By: Ray Lapointe
This model was only made for 9 months and targeted the education market. It’s all in one design is a nod to the iMac’s that would follow. This one is powered by a PowerPC 603e CPU running at 100 MHz. The machine came with either 8 MB or 16 MB and includes an 800 MB hard drive. The integrated CD-ROM is a 4X and the integrated display is a 14” colour CRT. This series has been affectionately designated as a “Road Apple” due to the motherboard design. The system would perform much faster if a few hardware comprimises had not been made.
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