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Discovery Software


Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Discovery Software
Hybris is a classic vertically scrolling shoot-em-up which has its roots firmly with arcade stalwarts like Capcom’s 1942.

The back story takes place in 2461 A. D. and concerns an Earth colony being lost on an alien planet known as Jurica. The space station Hybris cannot establish communications with the colony. So a scout ship must be sent on a rescue mission over this seemingly desolate desert-like expanse to find the colonists, and subsequently return them to safety. Warning: Inbound Hostiles!

The game is for one, and the player can select from two Ace pilots - J.P. Maverick or K. Lovett. You navigate the scout ship around the screen at will. The aim is to shoot everything that moves, whilst outmanoeuvring enemy fire. One contends with spiralling waves of alien nasties which move into the play area from multiple direction’s something akin to Galaga, as well as stationary gun turrets & other surface installations that periodically spew projectiles.

At times a power cube bonus will drift onto the screen. Which upon being shot by the player, will reveal a strength upgrade feature for the scout ship. Each subsequent upgrade collected will progressively beef up the ship (which is visually realised in real-time), in turn increasing your firepower. The scout ship can also be expanded on the fly into unique power configurations attributed to which cube bonus has been collected. You also have control of a smart-bomb feature which can relieve sticky situations.


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