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Formtool 97

Formtool 97
Formtool 97

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 4/14/1997
Manufacturer: IMSI
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Over 600,000 people have purchased FormTool to date, making it the best-selling forms software. FormTool 97 will now offer powerful networking features that will enable electronic creation, filling and routing of forms. FormTool 97 also includes a powerful relational database, 400+ pre-designed forms, 200+ label formats, and postal and UPC bar codes. FormTool 97 is 32 Bit, Win'95/NT compliant as well as compatible with Win 3.1.

"In FormTool 97, we have responded to the demands of our users by integrating networking and electronic routing features into an easy to use forms creation software," said Martin Sacks, President and CEO. "The result is a product that offers simplicity and powerful functionality for businesses looking to automate the dynamic of their work flow systems."

Automated Forms Creation

FormTool 97 provides an easy way to create and fill any type of form electronically. It gives users the ability to design custom forms, import and trace scanned forms, or use one of the over 400 ready-made business forms. FormTool 97's encyclopedia of forms includes commonly used forms for most of the major business categories: Accounting and Bookkeeping, Production Management, Construction, Real Estate, Human Resources, Sales, Personal Organization, and Small Business.

In FormTool 97, forms can also be customized, through OLE support, with graphs, tables, logos or clip art images. FormTool 97 also offers many new and enhanced design tools to automatically add lines, check boxes, grids, radio buttons, group objects and multiple text styles. Forms can be filled in quickly and accurately by entering the data manually, or importing information directly from an ODBC compliant database. Common user errors can also be eliminated by filling from pre-defined pull down menus and using any of the 100 built-in formulas that do the mathematical calculations automatically.

Electronic Routing and Approval

In addition to electronically filling in forms, FormTool 97 has automated the process of form approval by including an e-mail ready "Sign & Send" feature. Through e-mail, FormTool 97 routes the form to a group of FormTool 97 users for approval through an electronic signature. FormTool 97 will then automatically update the database if changes have been made and also notify the sender when the form has been read. FormTool 97 has high-security password protection for individual data fields or for the entire form. This signature field permits users to secure the form so that confidential data can only be accessed by those authorized. Once a form is signed, this data becomes visible and upon approval the data becomes locked.

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