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Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: New Horizons
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Donated By: Tom Beaman
ProWrite was an early word processor for the Amiga but one of the first to incorporate color graphics.

From Compute! magazine:

At first glance, ProWrite appeared to be a fancy word processor, but it soon proved to be more than that. It is a kind of bridge between word processing and desktop publishing, and because of this we thought it best to look at the separate parts and then see how they add up.

As a word processor, ProWrite gives you many useful features, including a working mode of Insert, which we've always found preferable to Strikeover. The default font is 12-point diamond, which gives you a large and readable screen display as well as a clear hardcopy. Left and right margins are set by moving arrows on the ruler at the top of the page, and paragraph indention can be automatic. Headers and footers are supported, and these can either be displayed as you work or be hidden until the document becomes hardcopy.

The "clipboard" buffer makes cutting and moving of text easy, and since ProWrite is multitasking—giving you the ability to work on several documents simultaneously—this moving and pasting may take place between documents as well as within a single document.

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