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TRS-80 MC 10

TRS-80 MC 10

Speed0.89 MHz
Memory4 KB

What's this?

Tandy/Radio Shack

Release Date: 11/1/1983
Manufacturer: Tandy/Radio Shack
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
The TRS-80 MC-10 microcomputer is a lesser-known member of the TRS-80 line of home computers, produced by Tandy Corporation in the early 1980s and sold through their RadioShack chain of electronics stores. It was apparently designed as a low-cost alternative to Tandy's own TRS-80 Color Computer to compete with entry-level machines that had previously dominated the market, such as the Commodore VIC-20 and Sinclair ZX81. It contains 4 kilobytes of RAM and the Motorola 6803 processor runs at a mere 0.89 MHz. It contains BASIC developed by Microsoft.


This computer is currently interactive in the Museum.

User Comments
S Vallee on Wednesday, October 31, 2012
This was my very first computer, and was 8 when my parents got it. They hesitated between this one and the Adam (we already had a Colecovision) and I'm glad they went for the MC-10. Now to be honest, like the other comments says, it was almost a useless computer. BUT because it was so useless, it kind of forced me into learning BASIC. And boy, programming was a revelation. From then on, I spent most of my time programming, and became a software engineer. I'm now 37, and I can say this was one of the most profoundly defining event of my life.
Jim Gerrie on Friday, July 22, 2011
My son and I have actually worked very hard over the years to create a fairly significant number of MC-10 BASIC game and utility programs. It is a cute computer and we love it a lot. It was indeed an orphan in its day but there is currently quite an active group on Yahoo that supports it as a retro system. There is a PC emulator for it. Come see some of our programs at:
Asher Green on Tuesday, June 30, 2009
I remember this computer! It was my very first computer I purchased. And yes, as mentioned in the previous comment, I got bored of it PDQ. Just a few games, and such. Nothing special. I graduated to the COCO2 later on.
Phil Clayton on Sunday, May 10, 2009
This cute little computer has to go down as the most useless but cute computer ever. I used to work at The Radio Shack Computer Center in the 1980's and we sold a bunch of these for Christmas gifts. Pretty Much useless as everyone that purchased one played with it for a couple of Days after Christmas then quickly discovered how hard the little tiny keyboard was to use, and just a couple programs to support it, and unless you knew how to program in BASIC you were just out of luck. No Game cartridge slot, although it did have a Cassette interface compatible with the Model-1 TRS-80. I do treasure the one I found years later at a garage sale like new in the box for $5.00, it just looks cool though. Radio Shack dumped the product after about a year.
Darren Fath on Sunday, November 2, 2008
I had one of these bought clearance for $59.95. I got the 16K expansion pack and some software for $20. I used it for titling on video cassettes since it had colour composit output.
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