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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Broderbund
Donated By: Pat Foley
Fantavision was an animation program written for the Apple II personal computer series in 1985. It was subsequently ported to other platforms such as the Commodore Amiga (198?), Apple IIGS (1987) and the IBM PC (1988).

It allowed the user to create short vector graphics animations frame-by-frame using a mouse, keyboard, or other device. The software would then use a primitive morphing technology to generate frames in-between the user-created frames, allowing complex animations to be created without the requirement that every frame be drawn by the user. Because this was done in real-time, it allowed for creative exploration and quick changes.

The interface was GUI-like -- similar to the Macintosh of the day -- with pull-down menus and black text on a white background.

This program was created by Scott Anderson and published by Brøderbund.

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