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Xerox 820

Xerox 820

Speed2.5 MHz
Memory64 KB

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Release Date: 1/1/1981
Manufacturer: Xerox
Donated By: Scott Gregory
Capable of running CP/M, the Xerox 820 and its closely related cousin the 820-II were supposed to put Xerox firmly in the personal computer race. Unfortunately, the machines didn't take off and failed to make much impact on the market. The Zilog Z80A CPU ran at 2.5 MHz (the 820-II ran faster) and came with 64 KB of RAM. The unit we have here has dual 8-inch disk drives, but 5.25" drives were also available.

Oddly, the first disk drive is double-sided and the second one is only single-sided.

The 820 does come with a rather sharp paper white display (where the computer is actually housed) and the disk drive units and keyboard are all separate.

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