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Apple Macintosh SE/30

Apple Macintosh SE/30

Speed16 MHz
Memory32 MB
Hard Drive260  MB

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Release Date: 1/19/1989
Manufacturer: Apple
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
The Macintosh SE/30 contains a Motorola 68030 processor and this particular unit contains a full 32MB of RAM and a 260MB hard disk (production models shipped with only 40MB or 80MB drives). This is the fastest of the black and white Macs, and is essentially a Macintosh IIx in the more classic style case.

Oddly, the successor to this machine was the Macintosh Classic II which was only 60% the speed of the SE/30 and was limited to only 10MB of RAM.

User Comments
Jamie Champlin on Thursday, February 18, 2010
My dad worked for a civil engineering firm in the late 80s and early 90s. When they dissolved and he ended up going to work somewhere else, he snagged the computer that had been their print server, an SE/30 that lived in a closet for every moment of its useful life. I got my hands on it in around 1995 and ran it for so long. I used System 7.5.5 on it with Word 5.1, Excel 3, and Aldus Persuasion. I did so many high school projects on that old guy, but it was mostly replaced with an AMD powered PC by 2000. But then I ditched that for a Power Mac 7200, and the next year a brand new iMac G3 500.
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