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Syd Bolton, David Basnett

David Basnett

David Basnett is one of those rare individuals who keeps the box and packaging for just about everything he buys. He even has a habit of putting the date on equipment when he buys it. Did he have this forethought, knowing one day some of his equipment would end up in a museum? Probably not, but we're sure glad he did.

Atari PortfolioBasnett first handed over a mint-in-box Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (original receipt included), and then followed up with the very stylish Atari Portfolio. This one was also in the box and Basnett even had the parallel interface that allowed you to connect it to a standard printer. He recalled the fun days of connecting the sub-notebook size Portfolio to the hulking size of the original laser printers, much to the wonderment of his co-workers.

Basnett pulled out a number of other gems that we gracefully accepted, but was a little surprised at how excited we got about some of the old advertising pieces he had. These pages will soon be graced by some of these and we are always pleased with owning original advertising.

Did you know?

The Atari Portfolio was the first PC-compatible palmtop computer. It can be seen in the movie "The Terminator 2".

You can find a hidden easter egg (the development team credits) by going into the Setup, then Help, then press Alt+[.

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