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Ray Fleming - Donation - June 2011

Ray Fleming's Truck
Ray Fleming used a Google search to locate us - 472 kilometres (approximately 300 miles) away. He was wondering what to do with his NeXT Cube and then he discovered that we wanted one - quite badly actually.

Ray Fleming The NeXT Cube has been on our most wanted list for some time now. Ray even had a few other surprises in store for us:

• Amiga 1000 Keyboard and monitor

• Osborne 1 with some system diskettes

• Macintosh Portable (the first)

• NeXT cube with monitor, printer and box of manuals

Ray also has some posters to bring us "next" time (get it?). Although the Cube needs some TLC, we were able to get it going day one! You can also check out more pictures from the day Ray came to visit.

Did you know?

The NeXTcube was a high-end workstation in its time from 1990 until 1993. It is also the computer that ran the world's first web server, used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at CERN to create the first web page on December 25th, 1990.

The machine ran at 25 MHz with a Motorola 68040 CPU. A very rare accelerator board was produced for this machine (known as the Nitro) that increased the speed to 40 MHz. It is estimated that only between 5 and 20 of these boards were ever produced.

NeXTSTEP, the operating system that ran on the machine, was eventually absorbed by Apple computer in late 1996. It was to become the basis for Mac OSX.

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