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Kent Henderson, Syd Bolton

Kent Henderson

Poly 88 Kent Henderson has tinkered with computers since the early days - and fortunately for us kept everything he had in great condition. It took two trucks for us to pick up all the items he had in his home in Ontario. We got some unusual machines, such as Polymorphic Poly 88, a Heathkit H-89 and even a Sol-20. These are just a few of the machines he had - he also had Apple, Atari and Radio Shack equipment in there too.

In addition to the machines themselves, Kent had all the manuals and tons of software. Everything was completely organized which made our job easy. He even had stacks of magazines to round out the pickup, which we made in early June 2007. Thanks Kent - you've made a great contribution to all of our visitors.

Did you know?

Before making computers, Heathkit even sold airplanes that you could build from a kit and fly yourself.

Lee Felsenstein, the gentleman who designed the Sol-20 was also the lead designer of the Osborne computer, and a founder member of the Homebrew Computer Club where Bill Gates first got his start.

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