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Syd Bolton, Rick Hille

Rick Hille

Homebrew CP/M Rick couldn't bear to see a lot of the old CP/M machines go to waste, after he had spent time and energy recovering them and so he was happy to find a home with us for these machines. An unusual assortment, Rick brought us the Televideo TS 803H (and the 802), some hombrew machines and even the rare GenRad FutureData 2300 development system.

Rick also had a lot of documentation and a lot of software. He travelled over 6 hours to bring us these machines in November, 2007 and we are grateful that he did. There are very few running Televideo systems out in the wild.

As of this writing, Rick also donated the most 8 inch disk drives in a single donation. We're still not sure on the final count.

Did you know?

The GenRad system with a few different options, could easily cost more than $20,000 in 1980!

CP/M ran on a variety of machines from a variety of manufacturers including the Altair, the IMSAI 8080, the Osborne 1 and Kaypro portables, MSX, Apple II (with Z80 card) and the Commodore 128.

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