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Ted Ma, Syd Bolton

Ted Ma

Icon System Ted Ma has donated a machine we've been long searching for - the ICON System that were created for CEMCORP - the Canadian Educational Microprocessor Corporation. Eventually through a series of mergers, the system was sold by Unisys. The systems were sold exclusively to schools in attempt to control the spending on machines, but in fact as regular computer prices dropped this turned out to be exactly the wrong move and eventually the systems slipped into non-existence. Ted Ma says of his donation:

I worked at Merdian Technologies (actually at a spin-off called Amberon) in the later stages of the ICONs development. Our group was writting the next generation O/S for the ICONs (until the plug got pulled). At one point I had about 10 servers and 20 workstations in my bedroom..

The system we received were the early Microtel models that are a dark brown - quite rare.

Did you know?

The Ontario Ministry of Education bought the ICON's for $2500 each and sold them to the school board's for $900 a piece.

The ICON's had a trackball system built in - well before mice were a standard feature. They often caused shocks though, as static electricity would build up around the balls.

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