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Yolande, Frank Warman, Syd Bolton

Frank Warman

Corvus Hardware Frank Warman built his own museum of computers before donating the majority of it to the Personal Computer Museum in late 2007. Like many people who have saved computers over the years, Frank actually used a lot of these machines and couldn't bear to just throw them out.

Frank brought a Hyperion machine as well as an Olivetti M28, and some Corvus peripherals for the Commodore PET that we did not have. The hard drive system he used on his Commodore SuperPET even has a backup system that uses video tape to record backups and according to Warman, was quite reliable.

The collection he had put together included over 10 computers and more importantly for us some of the best and most interesting peripherals we have ever seen - including an actual Olivetti TR50 Paper Tape Punch machine.

Did you know?

The Hyperion portable was the first PC "compatible" portable machine to market, even beating out Compaq.

Although punch tape is an obsolete storage medium for computers - it does have one advantage - longevity. Paper tape can be read long after magnetic tapes (its successor) have been rendered unreadable. Most paper tape should last for centuries.

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