Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum

Here we are comparing all of the currently interactive computers in our lower level to one single modern PC. We'll look at the speed, memory and mass storage (hard drive) sizes. All units are standardized for comparison. Let the fight begin!

Our Computers

Number of Machines: 52

Speed (MHz): 1271

Memory (KB): 700459

Mass Storage (MB): 42606

Dell® Dimension XPS 210

Number of Machines: 1

Speed (MHz): 1860

Memory (KB): 1048576

Mass Storage (MB): 320000

Now let's compare them visually.

Our computers     Dell® Dimension XPS 210

Memory (RAM)
Mass Storage (Hard Drive)

It's pretty clear that the biggest advancements have been in mass storage over the years. But here's the kicker. The Dell® Dimension XPS 210 costs just $1,099.00. Our computers originally cost $59,161.00, and we don't have prices for all the machines. If you adjust for inflation, that amounts to a whopping $145,704.90*!

* Inflation data courtesy of Values are approximate using our own calculations.