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Christmas Open House 2007
 Paul and Syd with Steve Punter  Steve reminiscing about Windows 1.0  Snowfall on the Amiga - Down Home Christmas  Special for the PCM 2007  Classic Commodore Christmas Demo

Two Year Anniversary
 Our new display shelf  More computers in the sky  View from the other side  Plasma never looked so good  Dragon's Lair, still cool after almost 25 years

August 2007 Open House
 Our new interactive area upstairs  Lode Runner on the Apple IIc  Jason taking photos!  Jeff making some disk images  Windows 1.0, 2.1, and 3.1 running

July 2007 Open House
 Jason talks to an old neighbour  This donation all came from the same place  14 machines on a cart!  Fixing up the non-visible side of the museum

Spring Cleanup 2007
 A surreal view of Flying Coloured Squares' Atari setup  Flying Coloured Squares Light Show  Steph steps into another dimension...  A view of the backyard  Steph looks like she forgot something...other than Rob

Brant Video Makers Shoot
 Jamie checks his email during setup  Dan and Syd discuss the shots  Joe and Alex discussing the shoot  Scott is trying to get the 128D to cooperate  The original script

St. Patrick's Day Fun
 Pac-Man Winner Howard Webster chomps at this shirt  Silicon Valley, this way!  This PET's hood is always up  What happens if I press THIS button?  Just chattin

Capturing the Action - March 2007
 Joe against the ghosts  Tetris is available on everything  From Buck Rogers to Windows 95  Babylonian Twins has a new fan  The PET 2001 is the perfect classic computer

February 2007 - Vintage Gaming Competition
 Checking out the machines...  Andrew's first visit - nice shirt!  Bob shows Galaxian who's boss  Yes, Jeff's coffee is INSIDE the PET (Jeff: Actually, it's an empty cup to hold the screws)  Wow these machines are older than you guys!

January 2007 - Just Lookin'
 That's a lot of Amigas!  We have the Toaster 4000 ready to roll  Our software library has grown  8-bit Heaven...oops they are 16-bitters in there too!

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