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School Tours October 2008
 Tell us more, Mr. Science  The cake is a lie. Really, it is.  Having a great time!  Really, that's the first Mac portable?  I Pwn you on Pong!

October 2008 - Shot with Sony Mavica
 Jim, who donated the Mavica we shot this with  George is checking out the Animation Station  Our Exidy Sorcerer  Rod plays Karateka on the Apple II  BOO on the SuperPET

Tetris Tournament September 2008
 Hangin with the Mayor and the Town Crier  Tetris Blocks  Watching the Semi-Finals  Go Norm!  Very serious players...

August 2008 Open House
 An SX 64 Is a beautiful thing  Dugg, Syd and Alex stop for the flash...  A Rainbow...with no colors!  This Rainbow has color - you just can't see it!  A 3D Monitor from iZ3D - very cool!

July 2008 Open House
 Inside the home-built NASCOM 1  Classic computer collector Dave Dunfield visits with his son  The Exidy Sorcerer really came in a suitcase box  David and Tony drove far to bring donations

Evolution: 30 Years of Computer Games
 George readying the truck for delivery  18 computers made the trip this way  Probably bigger than we needed...  The VIC-20 getting setup  The Compaq running Adventure

June 21 2008 Open House
 This sucker is actually a monitor!  Kids love the Hot Wheels machine  Windows 1.0 - we have it  TI 99 4/A but here it is the 'exas Instruments'  John Bos and Jason watching Bits & Bytes

Spring Cleanup 2008
 The garage fills up with donations...  Then the patio!  The garage gets out of control  142 Monitors get delivered to the Freenet  Karl looks like the boss supervising

February 2008 - Vintage Gaming Competition
 Trying out the systems  Playing on the Amigas  Learning Mary Had a Little Lamb  Our big winner of the day!  Deb was the leader of 'Gods'

January 12 2008 Open House
 Lots of visitors today  Ken is playing with Telnet  Steve is giving directions  Happy machines  This is a cool computer!

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