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Windows 7 Launch Party
 Windows 7 Swag  History of releases  Windows 1.0 in all its glory  Syd gets ready for the presentation  Puzzle for the kids

Doors Open Brant PCM Style
 Jason is excited, but Scott just sees more work ahead  A collection of Jim Butterfield's cool items...  Our software library...  Our icons wall...  Volunteers from Doors Open Brant

July Open House
 Dudes from Digital Leisure, Gods of Dragon's Lair  We gave away 7 laptops today  Invading the PCM  The machines got busy quickly  MMMM...Dragon's Lair Cake

LabRats.TV Episode Shoot
 Our new Linux toy, thanks Derek!  We had many visitors today that have never been before  Enjoying the Hot Wheels computer...  Matt Harris gets the camera ready  A TRS-80 Model IV on the web? Not quite...

Find Your Spirit Festival
 Jeff is demonstrating the Easyl drawing tablet...  Syd and Michelle look on as Astero from the Brantford Cultural Network takes a photo...  Redrawing Downtown Brantford...  Discovering computer art...  Harmony Square as a backdrop...

Spring Cleanup 2009
 George and John in conference  The donations started early...  Stephani with handmade creations...  The ReStore was here today too  Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre had a display too...

March 2009 Open House
 We finally received an Atari 1200 XL!  One of the eMac's that we are giving away  We've changed our compact computer display a bit  A closeup of the Orange Computer logo  This NCR Computer was once used to do the books for Calbeck's Grocery in Brantford

Emergence Concert February 2009
 Oh, get that thing away from me...  The Commodore 64 with a working Melodian keyboard  The TI 99/4A with Music Maker  VIC Composer and the Atari with Music Construction Set  The seating area for the concert

January 2009 Open House
 Our Apple Lisa 2 - which needs some love  The Commodore B128 is so sexy...  Lots of computers to play with...  This might be your Father's Mac  This machine is rich in history...

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