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Christmas Open House 2010
 Commodore 64 running the Christmas Demo!  John and Al talking about the old computers  Amiga banner with beautiful Christmas lights  This Christmas tree is kind of lame.  We have a better one.  Merry Christmas from the Amiga

October Vintage Sale
 Beautiful fall day!  Sunflower iMac is a new addition  Just some of our Atari books...  Canadian Olympic Commodore 64 - made in PA, now heading to OH  Jeff constantly playing with MAME, Dan testing Colecovision

Fan Expo 2010
 Some of the computer games on display for the History of Videogames Panel  More older computer games. Mnnn Shadow of the Beast!  Console videogames on display!  Syd Bolton with EP Daily's Shaun Hatton  Scott Jones, Victor Lucas, Syd Bolton and Jason MacIsaac getting ready for the panel

July 2010
 Ron Anderson, long time Commodore employee with Syd  The HP 150 got the boot today!  Sneggit for the TI 99 4/A. Worst. Name. Ever.  Jack Nicklaus golf on the Amiga  mmmnn...battery corrosion...

June 19 Open House
 I think he was 5 and he tweeted on the VIC-20  ICON Computer running paint program  Colour Apple II Monitor - don't see them too often  Atari 2600 - up close  New Telidon for us!

Spring Cleanup (4th Annual)
 Lots of items to browse to buy  And lots of people cleaning out their closets...  It's a neighborhood garage sale!  Stephani Miller had handmade items available  Browsing the computers...

April Open House
 Playing Rally X on the Atari 1200 XL  Exploring the TRS-80 Model IV  George demonstrating how the VIC-20 Twitter program works  Now taking a break from Rally X  Playing Hybris on the Amiga

March Open House
 Writing code on the Ohio Scientific Challenger  It's a bird, it's a plane...nope, it's the Icon Wall  Talking and looking, something we're great at  Playing on the Apple Pippin  Converting disks from 5.25' to 3.5' to USB

VIC-20 Twitter Historic Event
 TweetVER running on the VIC-20  California Games running on the Apple IIgs  Syd Bolton showing Richard Beales how the VIC-20 Twitter software works  The crowd gets anxious...  Dan checking out his Twitter account...

Laser Disc Movie Day
 Syd's WarGames Collection  Yes, there was a TV in the bathroom!  A TV Downstairs  A Commodore 1701 for confidence upstairs  A smaller LCD TV upstairs for giggles

January Open House
 Jason tries out Rally Speedway  Rally Speedway on the Atari 1200 XL  Bob tries out the SuperPET  Let me explain it...  Rally Speedway was a big hit!

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