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Christmas 2011 Open House
 Checking out the computers and decorations!  Jared gets a secret and a free Sony PSP  Jared Carrol receives a free Sony PSP for being kind to others  Hey, it's art...  Multitech Apple II clone - new to us!

September 2011 Open House
 We gave away a number of Macs for Kids today  India was the first to receive a Mac  Kids got a chance to try other machines too  Wasting no time trying out the machines!  Too bad we couldn't give out Hot Wheels Computers

Fan Expo 2011
 Dan greeting some guests in Room 802  Acoustic Coupler Modem and Rotary Dial Phone  Suspended box and Sega computer  Amiga CD32 was a big hit  Scott Jones interviewing Syd Bolton

ConBravo! 2011
 The Team with legendary Keith Apicary  Overview of the display  Amiga CD32 was quite popular  Pikachu Nintendo 64 a big hit!  So much classic gaming goodness!

June 2011 Open House
 There's nothing like your first time...  Vehicle packed with donation goodness from Sudbury!  I wonder what is coming NEXT?  Syd Bolton with Ray Fleming  NeXT Cube finally!

Spring Cleanup 2011
 Lots of Atari 2600 games were available at the start of the sale...  Expositor photographer Christopher Smith talking to some visitors  John was prepared for rain! Geek!  Who you gonna call?  National IT Day!

Pre-Sale Sale April 2011
 Playing Mah Jongg on the Solaris Java Desktop - there's something you don't see everyday!  Tons of vintage software for sale - mostly games!  Lots of computer books for sale, and a copy of the Tetris board game to boot! (umm or not boot)  These geeks almost formed a circle around the software!  Great choices in this pile!

March 2011 Open House
 So much goodness in the software library!  Lots of cool stuff to check out  Looking at the other computers through the eyes of the Video Toaster  One of our new QR Codes  Rally Speedway is a great game on the Atari

February 2011 Computer Music and Sounds
 A Sharp LCD TV Walkman Style Cassette Radio Player! WOW  A nice clean COCO came in today  And it had the Tandy Sound Pak Speech Synthesizer  We plugged the Speech Pak into the COCO III  And made the computer speak lines from WarGames

Charlie Angus Net Neutrality and UBB Discussion
 The netcast was also shown downstairs to accommodate more visitors  Syd Bolton, Charlie Angus, and Marc Laferriere leading the discussion  The media was also present  The streaming feed was watched nationally  Crowd shot

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