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Christmas 2012 Open House
 Ctrl Alt Del Mugs - AWESOME thanks!  Wii U up top, Pong on the bottom. Where new meets old!  Who knew there was a Supergirl DVD TV!  Holy crap that typewriter is older than me!  Rocking with River Raid on the Atari 2600

Technology Electronics Show (London)
 Handheld games over the years  Dragon's Lair Exhibit - Part I  Dragon's Lair Exhibit - Part II  Tetris Exhibit  Pac-Man Exhibit

November 2012 Open House
 No, really...a megabyte is THIS big!  Bryan, Sean and Bob are laughing. Nobody knows why.  Classic Closeup: The Commodore 64  Jumpman Junior on the Commodore 64  Somehow Jim used a 1999 computer to find out about the iPad mini!

October 2012 Open House
 Bryan and George disassembling a Commodore monitor  50 Shades of the Apple Logo  Inside a Commodore monitor  Syd geeks out, NewTek style (pocket protector)  APF Imagination Machine - our newest piece!

September 2012 Open House
 Volunteer Adam in front of his Gyruss display  Enterprex Apollo 2001... George brought it out, but took it back :(  Great donation, The Wizard poster! Awesome!  Gyruss on the Atari 1200XL  Bryan Pope, Syd Bolton and Kevin Procter

Space Channel InnerSPACE Shoot
 Syd Bolton and Ajay Fry just clowning around  Ajay signs the guest book  Making sure the camera is ready  Syd talks to Ajay about Centipede on the C64  The Amiga bouncing ball!

Project Play September 2012
 A sampling of our video game consoles on display  This guy was intense with Super Mario Bros.  Resident Evil and Earthworm Jim for PC's!  A view of some of our classic computers and more Mr. Intensity  Cosplay Gals enjoying a game of Pong

August 2012 Open House
 Paul Gold and Syd Bolton in front of the Dragon's Lair shrine  Dan playing a classic - Satan's Hollow  Old sports games - HardBall!, Basketball and the original John Madden Football  More sports classics - Autographed Wayne Gretzky Hockey, Summer Games, Winter Games  Jeff playing around with Donkey Kong on the VIC-20

July 2012 Open House
 C64annabalt running on a Commodore 64  Our display of Homebrew software  A side view of the homebrew exhibit  Game Over, says the Boss Joystick  Epoch TV Game: Cassette Vision, Japan's first cartridge based game system

June 2012 Open House
 Are you taking my photo?  Our newly donated AES 7100  A Dad trying to figure out the old stuff  The Best Dad Playing one of the best games - Donkey Kong  Oh Epyx, we miss you!

Art-O-Con 2012 (Burlington, ON)
 Dan is testing out Bosconian and Tetris  We had 3 tables full of vintage video games and computers  Vintage computer table - TI 99 4/A, ZX81, Apple IIC and more  Oh No! More Lemmings and the inside of a hard drive  Commodore 64 and Star Wars X-Wing Alliance

April 2012 Open House
 Our BlackBerry exhibit  Most BlackBerry owners don't keep the boxes!  Many years of history in the distance...  This is cool! Pong always a hit!  Hot Wheels computer is always busy

March 2012 Open House
 Gathering around for the Tweestock 007 shoot  MMnnn.. Tetris IIGS  John and Ken, buried in magazines  Ever popular view from above  Take...75

ITBusiness.CA Interview
 Christine Wong and Syd Bolton discuss the interview  Tyson getting lots of good B roll  Syd talks to Christine about memory  Discussing Apple products  The actual interview

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