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December 2013 Open House
 Nothing like Holiday Lemmings!  Santa's Christmas Catch part of A DOWN HOME CHRISTMAS  The Santa Game. Should be on the naughty list.  Great donation! A Radio Shack Digital Computer Kit from 1977  Jingle Disk running on the Atari

November 2013 Open House
 We got the Sony Vaio working!  Hot Wheels computer is one of our most popular  Thou art in the Guild of Adventurers - Bard's Tale!  PS4 Controller  Another view of our Rayman history exhibit!

September 2013 Open House
 Syd checks out Ralph Baer's Brown Box  This Brown Box replica is autographed by Baer himself  The left hand player control for the Brown Box  Odyssey poses for her picture with her forefather, the Brown Box  Shane from Rerez shooting a segment

August Open House
 Christine, Syd, and Betty with Betty's Comptometer, once used at Agnew's head office in Brantford  This Comptometer was made by Felt & Tarrant  A closeup of the Comptometer. Notice the worn paint where the wrist would rest.  An IBM accumulator, likely part of an IBM 650  The Odyssey^2 looks pretty good on a 'modern' television.

July 2013 Open House
 Pitfall! on the Atari 800 is timeless  Oh no Rob, it's a bomb!  Logan and Gavin know a good classic game when they see it!  Limited only by your imagination .. and 8-bits...  Dan holds a copy of Syd's new book 'Collecting for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace'

June 2013 Open House
 Our unique multi-player retro gaming controller  Avenger - a Space Invaders clone - on the Commodore 64  Oh! Look at this!  Three generations of the Scott's  Lots of retro computer goodness

April 2013 Open House
 Odyssey 2 is now interactive in the museum  This laptop has some great older games on it - like Tomb Raider II  It's a tube tester for our old TV's!  Alex and others checking out the museum  Cool box of toys including a COSMAC

March 2013 Open House
 Space Ace on HD-DVD - unreleased  The Toshiba HD DVD player used to develop Dragon's Lair HD-DVD  Atari goodness and the APF Imagination machine!  The NEW Donkey Kong on the Atari VCS - awesome!  High school student volunteers

February 2013 Open House
 Checking out the computers  Willy plays a new game coming out for Intellivision!  D2K Arcade on the Intellivision  Match 5 coming soon for the Intellivision  Defender of the Crown on the Intellivision - coming in 2013!

January 2013 Open House
 An Oliver Printype Typewriter  Taking a picture of the Bard's Tale  Donkey Kong - on the Coleco!  Alex is taking inventory  Look out for the Boss - Joystick!

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