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December 2014 Open House
 Santa's Christmas Catch - written by our own Adam White  Holiday Lemmings on the Amiga is fun!  This Commodore 64 Christmas demo was new to us  The classic Commodore Christmas demo  The Santa Game, Jingle Disk and Christmas Lemmings

November 2014 Open House
 An Afternoon with Jack Livesley: From left to right: Karl Hildon, Adam White, Syd Bolton, Fred Napoli, Stu Beecroft, Jack Livesley, Mike Stein  Jack, Fred, Stu and Mike talking about their time at TVO  Karl Hildon - editor of Transactor magazine, sits near the ever present memory of Jim Butterfield  Syd asks Jack some questions and gets a 'Lively' response  Images of the Academy play on the big screen as a budding writer discusses her career with Jack

August 2014 Open House
 Thexder. On the CoCo! Where is C. Daron Stinnett now? Playgrid?  I've got to run now. Seriously.  Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64!  Lego Racers 2 on the Hot Wheels computer!  Chiller on the Amstrad CPC. Long live Mastertronic.

July 2014 Open House
 It's always a great text adventure when you enter the forest...  I Adore My 64, indeed. Old meet new!  The IMSAI wants to play a game...  These are actually 8' disks. Big suckers.  Checking out the machines

April 2014 Open House
 Classic Lode Runner running on an IBM PC 5150  Jumpman from Epyx for the Commodore 64  Dan has an admirer!  This Amiga guy kind of looks like an iOS game  Beautiful software library. Sierra, Infocom, and Epyx all in harmony

March 2014 Open House
 Flappy Bird on the Atari 2600!  Students from TriOS College London  Multi-player Ms. Pac-Man on a Commodore 64!  It's Rob with Bella! Yup, another Bella dog.  The APF M1000. Rarer than you can imagine.

February 2014 Open House
 Our Apple Bandai Pippin in pieces :(  The Smurfs are fun on the Coleco Adam  Closeup of the VIC-20 box  Yup, the Atari XE game system everyone forgets about  The joystick is built right into the Spectravideo

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