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December 2015 Open House
 Dan #2 demonstrating the Myo Gesture Control armband  Closeup of the Myo  The museum decorated with Christmas lights  Lots of memories  Checking out the museum

November 2015 Open House
 Syd Bolton with best-selling author, futurist, trends & innovation Keynote Speaker Jim Carroll  Two VIC-20s Two Games, ONE Cartridge  Two VIC-20s sharing a single Xonox Double-ender cartridge  Robin Hood from Xonox on the VIC  Sir Lancelot from Xonox on the VIC

September 2015 10th Anniversary Open House
 Syd Bolton receives a 10 year certificate from MPP Dave Levac  Wow this Vectrex is cool!  Balloons to celebrate the museum's 10th anniversary  Mmnnn Stromboli's Pizza with Brick Oven Sauce  Happy 10th Anniversary, Personal Computer Museum

August 2015 Open House
 A father educates his son  The classic Atari joystick made better in this holder  Mastering Centipede  So much fun at the museum  Love the Amiga

April 2015 Open House
 TOPO the Robot was the star of the day  Checking out the Amiga Video Toaster  Willy loves old school games  Pitfall is still one of the best games ever made  George and Ken discuss the Commodore PET - nice Amiga shirt!

February 2015 Open House
 Here is SONIX running on the Amiga 4000. Great music program!  The Commodore 1551 disk drive - one of the rarest!  APF BASIC for the Imagination Machine. Not something you see everyday.  Some of Syd's 'Best of Commodore 64' picks including Ghostbusters, Pitfall!, and Blue Max!  More of Syd's 'Best of Commodore 64' games - Forbidden Forest, Raid on Bungeling Bay and Jumpman.

January 2015 Open House
 A father showing his son vintage computing. Priceless.  Live Long and Game On  It's called Dam Buster because dam, it can be hard sometimes  Checking out the retro goodness  Chiron Bramberger to demonstrate PetSynth

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