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December 2016 Open House
 Someone likes the Hot Wheels computer  George and Santa Scott figure it out  Christmas Lemmings - a classic  Ghostbusters II - the new Christmas game  Christmas Commodore Plus/4

August 2016 Open House
 Commodore CDTV goodness  Checking out great Commodore 64 games  Ms. Pac-Man always a hit  Atari 2600 Ms. Pac-Man  Pole Position on the Vectrex

July 2016 Open House - Pokemon
 Pokemon Collection Part 1  Pokemon Collection Part 2  Pokemon Collection Part 3  Pokemon Box  Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc

June 2016 Open House
 Video Toaster on our Amiga 4000  Hybris, awesome shooter on the Amiga from Discovery Software  The chiclet keyboard on the IBM PC Jr  Lode Runner  To be, or not to be ... on the Commodore Amiga

April 2016 Open House - Modem Special
 Checking out the LipStik Plus  Tetris on the CoCo!  Hangman on the PET - classic  Dave checking things out  Diga! for Amiga, Telelink for Atari and a Commodore modem

March 2016 Open House - Xbox 360
 Showing 12 of the best Xbox 360 games  Xbox 360 FALCON Motherboard  Close up of Xbox 360 motherboard  Syd Bolton and Jason 'Guacamelee' Canam  Frogger never gets old

February 2016 Open House - Satoru Iwata Tribute
 Trying out Flappy Bird on the Commodore 64  Kirby's Adventure on NES  Star Battle - an early Iwata game  Car Race ][ - one of Satoru Iwata's first games  What Car Race ][ gameplay looks like

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