Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum

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April 2018 Open House
 Blood Money on the Atari ST  Gavin playing Lego Racers on the Hot Wheels computer  Commodore BASIC 128?  Oh those, analog meters  A closer look at the Yahoo! media player

February 2018 Open House
 So much snow, it's hard to see the building  Part of our PONG Celebration  We had newer PONG games too like this PlayStation version  You have to have a classic TV to play on  So. Much. Pong.

January 2018 Open House
 Hard to see our sign in the snow  Our building and the ground are blending  We got our hands on Sam's Journey, a new Commodore 64 game  Bryan is trying out Sam's Journey  Our Epyx display includes some favorites

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