Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum


We recycleEquipment donations are the life blood of the museum. The following people are only a small sampling of the hundreds of people who have contributed to the collection and overall improvement of the museum. We thank each and every person for their genorosity and the following are just a few of those great people. If you can help, consider donating yourself.

We're not just after computers either. If you have old vintage computer magazines or software packages (especially in the original packaging) we would love to hear from you!

  • Steve Raszewski - is that an Atari in the crawlspace? (2012)
  • Ray Fleming - hailing from Sudbury with a NeXTcube and Macintosh Portable (2011)
  • Rick Mili - from Toronto with Byte magazines and a whole lot more! (2011)
  • Peter Knoll - from Waterloo a truck load of vintage goodness (2009)
  • Brian Lee - incredible amount of boxed Commodore computers (2009)
  • Pete Wooledge - from the UK comes Amiga 600's and BBC Micro's (2008)
  • Rick Hille - GenRad Futuredata 2300, various CP/M machines (2007)
  • David Basnett - Boxed TI 99/4A & Atari Portfolio (2007)
  • Frank Warman - Olivetti M28, Hyperion, Corvus Hard Drive for SuperPET (2007)
  • Ted Ma - ICON Computer Systems (2007)
  • Kent Henderson - Polymorphic 88, Sol-20, Heathkit 89 (2007)
  • The Blackwood's - Micom 2002 Minicomputer (2007)
  • Epstein Brothers - PET 2001, various Macintosh Computers (2006)