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Toronto Atari Federation

The Toronto Atari Federation was formed in March 1982 and by 1984 the group had 40 family memberships. By the end of 1986, the group had grown over 300 strong. At one point adding 25 members a month, this group eventually became North America's largest Atari users group.

The 8-bit enthusiasts had their own meeting separate from the ST group, with attendance usually hovering around the 100 mark. The group were even early adopters of projection technology - something they needed to share the great software and ideas with such a large group.

TAF also produced a newsletter 10 times a year called "Phoenix" which of course was produced using Atari hardware and software, and was even sold at retail as well as mailed out to active members. There was also a library of software for both the 8 and 16 bit machines.

The Personal Computer Museum has acquired the entire ST library and will be making it available soon (it is currently being archived) as well as many of the newsletters as shown here. If you have newsletters that we don't have it would be great if we could receive them to archive to share with everyone!

Phoenix Volume 76 - September 1991
Phoenix Volume 76
September 1991
BAUG Volume 2 Issue 1
BAUG Volume 2 No. 1
September 1988
1st Anniversary Issue
BAUG Volume 2 Issue 3
BAUG Volume 2 No. 3
November/December 1988
Renaissance Amiga
BAUG Volume 2 Issue 4
BAUG Volume 2 No. 4
January/February 1989
Intro to Telecommunications

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