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Making History on Twitter with the VIC-20 The Personal Computer Museum is proud to make history on Saturday, February 20, 2010 with Twitter and the Commodore VIC-20. You too can be part of history as we put one of the lowest powered personal computers onto the Internet, and more specifically, with Twitter. The software is on cassette tape and runs on an unexpanded VIC-20 with only 5K of RAM. To put this in perspective, an average PC today runs at 3000 MHz and contains 2,097,152 KB. That means the average computer today has 419,430 times the memory power and at least 3000 times the speed of the VIC-20!

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Browse our company list Richard Beales, Brantford Expositor Make sure you join us in person at the museum (13 Alma Street, Brantford) on Saturday, February 20th when Richard Beales, part of the editorial staff at the Brantford Expositor makes a historic Tweet from the VIC-20.
Matt Ruiss CKPC FM 92 Radio Joining Richard will be Matt Ruiss, from FM 92 to also make history! We're open at 10 AM with the festivities formally getting underway at 11 AM. After Richard and Matt have made their moves, you too will be able to be part of history!

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Want more great VIC-20 information and support? Make sure you head over to VIC-20 Denial, a great forum and information site for Commodore VIC-20 owners.

Watch this video which shows a preview of the VIC-20 Twitter Client