Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum
Following are the computers that are most wanted for our museum. There are many more, but there is just that something special about the following machines that make us want them to share. If you have any of these machines please contact us!

Apple Lisa Commodore BX256 OKI IF-800
Apple Lisa 2 AKA Macintosh XL Commodore Educator Spectravideo SV-318 SV-328 SV-728
Apple Pippin / Bandai Atmark Commodore MAX Telidon / Teleguide Terminal
BeBox Franklin Ace 1000/100 VideoBrain Family Computer
Commodore 64GS (Game System) Fujitsu FM Towns VTech CreatiVision / Dick Smith Wizzard
Commodore Amiga 4000T   

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